Imagine how powerful it could be to

Predyktable removes commercial uncertainty. Not by mimicking past insights but by delivering a clear view of your future.

Predict the future

In hospitality and retail, there’s no magic crystal ball that can tell you what’s ahead.

Or is there? Traditional data companies are itching to sell you ‘rear-view, off the shelf data packages of the past’, but that’s yesterday’s news and it’s available to everyone.

Our custom built data models use advanced machine learning and AI technology to rewrite what you thought was possible. Imagine being able to visualise tomorrow. To accurately predict key events and make the critical decisions that give you a competitive edge. Imagine being that confident and certain about your future.

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Built by experts, for experts

We’ve done our time in hospitality and retail. We’ve built a team of experts who have experienced these sectors first-hand, and we remain enthusiastic about them today. That’s why we’re uniquely placed to understand the challenges you face, particularly when economies and high streets are struggling. We are confident that Predyktable’s technology and AI, combined with our sector knowledge, is the answer to our clients’ success.

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Our process

First and foremost, we like to get to know you, your existing data, and your objectives. By understanding your ambitious goals (and challenges too), we are able to set clear success criteria and make a Predyktable plan for the future.


Our process

This is our clean-up operation – out with the old, in with the new. By extracting and cleansing your current data, and introducing you to new data sources that will frankly blow your mind, we can begin to centralise everything into one cool, confident cloud.


Our process

Now that your data is all in order, it’s time to give it a voice. By applying sentiment analysis, we can start to enhance your view of your customer through trusted social data, and form an authentic and objective understanding of who you’re talking to.

Build + Launch

Our process
04_Build + Launch

Let’s get our geek on. And let’s make it personal too. It’s time to deliver your well-trained, custom-made predictive models and empower you with the data that you deserve. These models are unique to you, and directly answer everything covered in the Define stage.


Our process

The fun is never over and Edy never sleeps. By optimising and iterating our product, we deliver continuously improving insight to you and your organisation – giving you the value and competitive edge that you came for and building a lasting, long-term relationship.

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