Imagine how powerful it could be to

We remove commercial uncertainty, not by mimicking past insights but by using predictive analytics to deliver a clear view of your future.

Predict the future

In hospitality and retail, there’s no magic crystal ball that can tell you what’s ahead.

Or is there? Traditional data companies are itching to sell you ‘rear-view, off the shelf data packages of the past’, but that’s yesterday’s news and it’s available to everyone.

Our custom built data models use advanced machine learning and AI technology to rewrite what you thought was possible. Imagine being able to visualise tomorrow. To accurately predict key events and make the critical decisions that give you a competitive edge. Imagine being that confident and certain about your future. BOSH!

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Built by experts, for experts

We’ve done our time in hospitality and retail. We’ve built a team of experts who have experienced these sectors first-hand, and we remain enthusiastic about them today. That’s why we’re uniquely placed to understand the challenges you face, particularly when economies and high streets are struggling. We are confident that Predyktable’s technology and AI, combined with our sector knowledge, is the answer to our clients’ success.

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Our process

A problem well defined, is a problem half-solved. We combine hard won sector knowledge (all our team have earned their stripes) with consulting techniques, to develop a deep understanding of a client’s business. The goals, the pain points, the way they define success, we use all of this to provide confidence that we can deliver the results needed. How else could we build a bespoke model that is uniquely equipped to solve bespoke problems.

Collect + Explore

Our process
02_Collect + Explore

We collect client’s data from available data sources, taking it apart and investigating the individual elements to identify patterns and relationships (this process is known as data mining) that will end up contributing to our predictions. We then put it all back together again in a way that can be used by our models (this process is known as refining), this ensures the best quality of data goes into the model, resulting in the best quality predictions coming out.

As a bonus, this in-depth combing of data provides insights that might not have been seen before, as well as ensuring we are working with clients to validate any assumptions made.


Our process

A model using only internal data sets will only ever give half of the picture, that’s why we augment client’s data with the viewpoints of the wider world. Customer sentiment (think Voice of the Customer), sector shifts (think Voice of the Market), local & global consumption (what factors are affecting the way people are behaving at a regional and national level), we use external data sources to ensure our models provide predictions based on a complete view, not half a picture.


Model + Launch

Our process
04_Model + Launch

To ensure we are producing the best possible models for each client, we spend time hypothesising, experimenting, and validating the models, until we are convinced we have built the best possible prediction, one that solves the problem we defined during the discovery phase. Then, and only then, will we launch our model, one that will continue to be validated throughout its lifetime delivering ongoing value.

Predict + Guide

Our process
05_Predict + Guide

We are not the type of company to just dump our predictions on clients and run. We are a PAaaS company, which means we are all about the service. We view this as a partnership, and our team of expert data scientists are here to help, tirelessly working to uncover new insights, make recommendations based on what the data is saying, and iterating on the models. We evolve our models so that clients can be confident that they will remain happy, healthy, and relevant for their entire lifetime.

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