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Start predicting the future and acting with confidence

We’re advancing prescriptive data analytics to minimise business uncertainty by equipping retail and hospitality professionals with the most accurate foresight recommending the most profitable future actions. We do this uniquely for you.

Making correct business-critical calls on complex environmental, economic and consumer future outcomes, remains an expensive gamble. Current business intelligence and data analytics offer great past and present views. What’s lacking are clear future views and knowing what to do about them. Critical decisions become risky bets. You’re also missing big opportunities.

Times of Uncertainty

Move forward with Predyktable

Start predicting better, stop gambling
We’re advancing data analytics way beyond explanations and predictions, to PRESCRIPTIVE ANALYTICS as a SERVICE. We don’t just predict what will happen, but what to do when it does – fast.

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We unlock the true value of data, fuelling the most accurate foresight that enables Retail and Hospitality professionals to take the most profitable future actions.

We uniquely blend descriptive, diagnostic and predictive insights, with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, genuine data science and in-sector consultancy expertise.

We don’t do Prescriptive Analytics like others. We customise our service to best serve you needs and continually manage your journey so you’re never on you own.

With us, you won’t experience unnecessary complexity, confusion, costs and effort. There are no compromises.


See us in action

To see how actionable foresight benefits your business, check out our use cases.

Expert views

Testimonial 1

“Prescriptive analytics, enriched with machine learning and data science, is the next exciting evolution of data analytics. The idea is to provide increasingly accurate views of the future and a better understanding of what to do about it in the face of uncertainty. It is in this arena where Predyktable’s capabilities show real promise.”

William Knottenbelt
Professor of Quantitative Analysis

Testimonial 2

“To really inform decision making we need more forward orientated, prescriptive data views that learn and thereby teach us what to do with the information. This is where I see Predyktable’s prescriptive analytics offering as game changing.”

Una Beck Johnson
Marketing Director
(Hospitality sector)

Testimonial 3

“Most current data analytics offerings miss the mark because providers don’t show retailers how to effectively act on data insight. This is where Predyktable’s prescriptive analytics offering is compelling, they’re focused on minimising business uncertainty by delivering actionable data-fuelled foresight, that generates the greatest value.”

Lindsay-Jane Vines
(Retail Sector)

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A world of opportunity awaits

Whatever your size, we deliver actionable foresight faster, without complexity and compromise.

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