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Twenty years behind us, a clear future ahead of us 

Predyktable is the product of two decades’ experience in hospitality and retail. We quickly learned that these sectors are transformational and must be able to quickly adapt to the changes around them. 

Whilst we watched the world evolve right before our eyes, from the .com boom of the nineties to the pandemic and its after effects, we began to think that there must be a better way to navigate change than pouring over retrospective insights and traditional data analytics. Together, we decided that it was time to take technology by the horns and develop a class-leading product that gave organisations the competitive edge that they so crucially need. 


Our mission

To predict the future with a greater degree of confidence, so that we can provide our clients with the knowledge they need to remain competitive.

Our values

The Predyktable team is built on a foundation of trust and support, which is demonstrated not only in how we work with one another, but how we work with our clients too.

We work with integrity and inclusivity

We understand and we support

We have built a culture of trust

We are creative thinkers



Our creators

Data Rockstars

Our futurists


Investing today for a better tomorrow

We don’t just build digital products and predictive models. When Edy is sleeping, we’re working hard to improve the future for people and the planet.

Imperial College London

Our partnership with Imperial College London is an effective and direct way to support the next generation of talent. To be an Imperial Partner is to offer opportunities and support through placements, proposals and insight sessions — invaluable experiences for up and coming technologists and entrepreneurs who share our excitement around how data can make a difference.

A man and a woman standing together representing Imperial College London and Predyktable.

A proud member of Ecologi

As a proud member of Ecologi, we are taking active steps to offset our carbon footprint. We already tread lightly as an organisation, but we believe that everyone can do that bit extra to be a more sustainable business. Whether striving to become carbon positive or supporting reforesting and climate action around the world, Predyktable put people and planet at the heart of everything we do.

A man walking in a tree-lined park.

Are you a daring data scientist or a tenacious technologist?

We’re often looking for new people to join the Predyktable team. 

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