Collaboration gets us ahead

Stronger together

We’re not only on a mission to change the world of hospitality and retail, but data analytics and machine learning too. We do this with the support of several businesses. Collaboration is key to breaking down silos and being stronger together. 

We have a number of exciting partnership opportunities including a Referral Programme and ISV Technology Partnership options.

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Imperial College London

Our partnership with the department of computing at Imperial College London is an effective and direct way to support the next generation of talent. To be an Imperial Partner is to offer opportunities and support through placements, proposals and insight sessions — invaluable experiences for up and coming technologists and entrepreneurs who share our excitement around how data can make a difference.

A man and a woman standing together representing Imperial College London and Predyktable.

A proud member of Ecologi

As a proud member of Ecologi, we are taking active steps to offset our carbon footprint. We already tread lightly as an organisation, but we believe that everyone can do that bit extra to be a more sustainable business. Whether striving to become carbon positive or supporting reforesting and climate action around the world, Predyktable put people and planet at the heart of everything we do.

A man walking in a tree-lined park.

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