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Helping hospitality brands make better decisions.

Machine learning and predictive analytics created for the hospitality sector.

According to many analysts, hospitality is falling behind other sectors in adopting advanced analytics and the full potential of data.

Digital technology is accelerating at a staggering pace elsewhere, but hospitality companies continue to rely on traditional ‘rear view’ analysis and trends which fail to take account of the continuously changing consumer landscape. 

Our AI-driven machine learning product is an incredible leap forward for any hospitality business that needs clearer direction on how to evolve to survive in the future. 



Predyktable can help you to stay relevant to your consumers and their changing expectations, to predict price opportunities, and to plan for regional, seasonal or economic shifts with more accuracy. By anticipating what’s next, you can improve your financial success and gain a significant competitive advantage. 

Improve consumer relevance and appeal 

Discover how your target consumers are evolving and ensure you have the foresight to improve your brand or offer’s relevance and appeal.

Identify new opportunities to expand future distribution, make confident value engineering decisions, increase REVPAR and/or spend per head, or drive frequency of visit. 

Create pricing opportunities 

By drawing upon a vast range of data sources that go well beyond the hospitality industry, you can benefit from a 360 degree view of the future landscape.

Influencing factors such as unusual seasonality, post-pandemic purchase patterns, regionalised demand, event-driven fluctuations, shifting consumer attitudes all contribute to ensuring a broad view that seriously improves your strategic outlook. 

Accelerate your strategic advantage 

Our unique product offers a huge opportunity to capitalise on this cutting-edge technology and optimise the success of your own strategy and direction.

In the future, use of AI and machine learning will be commonplace in hospitality, so there’s no better time to use this window of opportunity to be an early adopter and accelerate your competitive advantage. 

Building it bespoke

Our five-step process is tailored for the hospitality and retail sectors, and also further customised for your business’s individual challenges and opportunities.

We begin by clearly defining your measurables and success criteria, before collecting from the very best data sources to meet the objective of the model.

Data is collected from internal and external sources through APIs, and is validated and transformed into a usable architecture that enables us to build the model. From here, we develop and train the algorithms and machine learning model, before once again validating our work.

Finally, we implement the model into a system where it can be prepared for analytics. These are delivered through a custom-built visualisation tool that is accessible and easy to use.

Built and maintained by Predyktable’s team of data scientists, our entire process is individualised to each of our clients.

At this point, it feels appropriate to say ‘welcome to the future’.

Read more about our five step process.

Predyktable + Hospitality

The benefits of Predyktable for hospitality.

  • A long-term investment for your organisation and shareholders 
  • See tangible results quickly and easily 
  • Work with a company with wellbeing at its core 
  • Built by specialists with an in-depth understanding of the hospitality sector
  • Light years ahead of any other product in its field
  • Access to advanced predictive analytics not available to competitors

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