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We stick to what we know.

Because knowledge is power.

Our experience is in hospitality and retail – two sectors that we’ve seen change and evolve at a rapid pace over the last two decades.

With a unique set of opportunities and challenges presented by these industries and many others like them, we found ourselves dissatisfied with the quality of data and the foresight of analytics. Thus, our mission was born: to develop a model that can predict the future with an unrivalled degree of confidence.

Our passion for technology combined with a deep understanding of commercial, service-based organisations put us in an incredibly unique and exciting position: to help businesses and sectors that we understand to predict the future with unparalleled confidence.


As a sector with a rich history of prestigious brands and a steady stream of worthy newcomers, hospitality is a truly commercial industry providing entertainment, accommodation and travel to customers.

Whether you’re an established hotel chain or you’re pioneering a new way to book concert tickets, there’s no shortage of innovation in the industry. But with challenges around shifting customer attitudes, unusual purchase patterns and market-driven fluctuations, organisations need better ways to predict the future.

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Whether the challenged British high street or the wild wild web, retail is a never ending story of ups, downs, mergers and sales. We’re optimistic that the increasingly competitive sector has what it takes to keep up with consumer demand.

Retailers may be rethinking their business models whilst recovering from a challenging few years. But they’re also looking for new tools and techniques that will help them to streamline their operations and rejuvenate their commercial models. Technology and predictive analytics are key in gaining a competitive edge.

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