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A breakthrough product for retailers

If you’re a retailer, you’re probably competing on price daily.

Not to mention razor thin margins, high street woes and the challenges of understanding the evolving needs of the consumer. It’s a difficult time for retail but help comes in the way of machine learning and AI.



Predyktable’s breakthrough product is a welcome change from traditional analytics and rear-view data. With a distinct advantage in your sector, you can begin to foresee trends and changes, and take a more strategic approach to consumer demand and operational costs.

Meet consumer needs

Consumers won’t mind us saying that they’re becoming more demanding, with 55% of them saying that a two-hour delivery window would increase their loyalty. Keep up with their expectations, their communication preferences, and where they’re shopping.

Our model helps yours

With many retailers unsure whether to pivot, and unclear about their next step in their commercial model, ours can bring certainty and strategy to your next move. Our advanced analytics predict the future retail landscape giving you confidence in the decisions you need to make.

Cut the complexity

Regional and promotional pricing has never been more difficult, and with only 60% of retail products now sold at full price, it’s clear that the industry is being harmed by markdowns and deadstock. Machine learning can optimise your full price sales and drastically reduce your reductions.

Follow the path to purchase

With so many possible consumer touchpoints, marketing attribution has never been more crucial. Predyktable can help you to clearly determine the locations, channels and messages that had the greatest impact in terms of engagement and conversion.

Building it bespoke

Our five-step process is not only tailored for the hospitality and retail sector, but is further customised for your business’s individual challenges and opportunities.

We begin by clearly defining your measurables and success criteria, before collecting from the very best data sources to meet the objective of the model.

Data collected from internal and external sources through APIs is validated and transformed into a usable architecture that enables us to build the model. From here, we develop and train the algorithms and machine learning model, before once again validating our work.

Finally, we implement the model into a system where it can be prepared for analytics. These are delivered through a custom built visualisation tool that is accessible and easy to use.

Built and maintained by Predyktable’s team of data scientists, our entire process is individualised to each of our clients, and our change management process guides you along the way.

At this point, it feels appropriate to say ‘welcome to the future’. BOSH!

Read more about our five step process.

Predyktable + Retail

The benefits of Predyktable for retail

  • Built by seasoned retail experts
  • Light years ahead of any other product in its field
  • A long-term investment for your organisation
  • See tangible results quickly and easily
  • Absorb your first year’s implementation costs
  • Work with a company with wellbeing at its core

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