Why we’re your predictive analytics partner — for life.

Break out from the pack

With shifting customer sentiment, a change in audience expectations, and wider economic impacts, we appreciate that it’s a challenging time to understand the customer.

Amongst so much change and uncertainty, current analysis methods are not enough to form a clear picture of the future. Predyktable is a people-first platform delivering predictive models unique to your organisation and empowering you with the answers and recommendations you need.

That’s what makes us different – we anticipate tomorrow’s trends not by reflecting on past insights, but with data from the future.

Why Predyktable?

We’ve built our product in a way that means you don’t need to worry about the technology or the platform itself – Edy will take care of that for you. Instead, we’re focused on delivering you the solutions and results that make your organisation fit for the future.

By untying you from retrospective reporting, questionable data and traditional analysis, you’re free to adopt and implement change in your organisation, positioning you ahead of the curve and significantly more informed than your competitors.

Let’s talk tech

We’ve created a powerful, next-gen architecture that is reassuringly simple and safe.

Your data is integrated and stored securely, before we apply your custom-built machine learning models. From here, we can begin to provide deep insight via our visualisation tools and dashboards. We also offer APIs should you wish to integrate this data with additional tools and platforms.





Our process

Define and agree the objective 

We begin by understanding the objective of the model and how we measure its success. We develop a deep understanding of your goals, your pain points, and the quality and suitability of your data. This understanding is what defines the success criteria of the model, the implementation and the adoption plan.


Our process

Centralise and transform the data

Here is where we feed the machine. Edy extracts, transforms and cleanses all relevant data so it can be prepared for training and machine learning. Your data is now centralised in one accessible platform, which opens you up to limitless possibilities in how it can be utilised and analysed.


Our process

Personalise to the customer

By applying sentiment analysis to the centralised data—a layer that provides an unbiased voice of the customer—we build a picture of what your customers truly want, and what it is that will ensure they continue to invest their time and money on your brand. Think ‘voice of the customer’ but without the survey. 

Build + Launch

Our process
04_Build + Launch

Build and launch the prediction 

By training our predictive model on your enriched data set and sentiment analysis, we can build your custom-made predictive models that provide answers to the questions discovered during the definition phase. Here we can prove our hypothesis in a way that is easy to understand, demonstrating clear value to your organisation. 


Our process

Ongoing support

The model is alive! But this is just the beginning. Our iterative approach is built around the philosophy that the more we learn, the smarter we become. By continuously optimising our models, they remain healthy and relevant, and our lifetime approach to support and partnerships keeps your organisation safe from and certain of the future. 

We predict

  • Marketing ROI
  • Company development
  • Risks and threats
  • Sales and trends

We support 

  • Innovation
  • Risk reduction
  • P&L prediction
  • Budget performance

We reduce 

  • Recurring pain points
  • Market competition
  • Overspending
  • Bad resourcing

Change shouldn’t be challenging 

Adopting new technology into your organisation may be a daunting concept. It doesn’t have to be. ‘Prepare, Implement, Sustain’ is our programmatic approach born from our extensive experience in change management.

By understanding your goals and defining what success looks like, we are able to create an implementation and communication plan, alongside any necessary training and development. And by continuing to monitor progress, we can address challenges and opportunities as they arise.


Change management means

A shared vision of predictive analytics and the journey ahead — across your entire organisation

A shared understanding of how machine learning can support people, not replace people

A shared agreement on the design of the overall solution between you and your coworkers

Imagine how powerful it could be to predict the future.

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